I smell Bacon.

In true Gamer ADD fashion I have swapped around again.  I recently went back toe the Iron Kingdoms and started toying with the idea of a PP force.  I started with Khador because I always love the idea of the army and thanks to Bartertown I was able to grab a decent eSorssha force at a bargain price.  That was a good start and I tossed them all in cleaner to remove the paint.  

Fast forward a few days and I am looking around on the net and run across a beast that nightmares, and solid breakfast spreads are made of.  The Warhog.  Back to Bartertown and I have now just received a box full of Canadian Bacon.  Contents include the following goodies.

Rorsch and Brine
2 Warhogs
Full unit of Farow Brigands
Full unit of Bonegrinders
A Razorback field weapon.  

Watch this space for upcoming paint progress.


7000 points of Nurgle by the end of 2011

I have made a plan of attack to get 7000 points of Nurgle goodness painted by the end of 2011.

So far I have a good amount of this stuff painted.  Looking at around 5800 points painted when I combine my Deathguard (Heralds of Despair) and Mono Nurgle Demons (Scoins of Disease)

SO far I have the following painted
2 Winged Demon princes
5 squads of 7 PlagueMarines including 4 meltas, 4 plasmas,2 flamers,3 powerfists,3 Icons
4 Nurgle Rhinos
4 Obliterators

For Demons I have 
Great Unclean one
Herald of Nurgle
49 Plaguebearers
3 Demon Princes 2 with wings 1 without

I will post some pics of the lot as soon as I can get them taken.  I intend to add to the force soon and will paint the following in an attempt to rach my goal
14 terminators
7 Beasts of Nurgle
2 More Dreads
2 Blight drones
Nurgle Plagureaper

Watch this space.


Long time coming

 Well has it really been that long since I posted on this thing.  Wow.

I will be bringing this thing back to life.  I think that the best thing to do is to make it a once a week thing.  I will update on Mondays to take into account anything I have done over the weekend.

Since i last updated a lot of things have happended in my gaming world.

I have painted over 3000 points of Mono Nurgle Demons.  I have painted around 2600 points of Deathguard.  The Heralds of Despair are the host that I use and they have done well on the table, well in that they are a lot of fun to play as I have really had a piss poor time with them on the table.  That is not a entirely bad thing though as I have had a really good time buildign and painting them.

I am now trying to deciede which direction to take my gaming in, will I continue with the pus ridden followers of the God of Decay, or is it time to devote myself (and hobby time) to the Changer of Ways?

Time will tell.


Let the Blood Flow like water. Khorne Comes to the table

Well it looks like I will be forging ahead with the Khornate component of my Daemons next.  I was considering moving to something a bit more Power armored but I got a massive infusion of Khorne units this past week so I think I will work at least 1850 of them in first.

Plan is pretty simple
Bloodthirster(FW An'Ggrath model too nice)
4 Bloodcrushers
4 Bloodcrushers
15 Letters to be led by Skulltaker
16 Letters
3 Soul Grinders
Not a lot of models but an effective force I think.  I have some ranged firepower, some screening troops in the form of the Crushers and the ability to Murder most things in combat thanks to the letters being high initiative power weapon wielding maniacs.

Progress to follow I hope.


Crushing defeat

Well I got a game in the yesterday with my Mono Nurgle force.  Played a Space Wolves player and the stage was set for 1500 points.  I took the following
4 Squads of PBs 3 with icons
5 bases of Nurglings
2 DPs with wings, might, aura, cloud, gaze

He had the following, though I am unfamiliar with the wolves so might be off some.
2 Wolf Librarians with LL, Some other powers used LL most though
2 Long fang packs in razorbacks, packs had ML Razorbacks had las Plas
Greyhunter Packs in rhinos, I think there were 3 of these

I knew from the start this was going to be rough as Mechanized is not the easiest for the forces of grandfather to deal with.  Rolled to seize the initiative and did though I did of course rolled fo the non preferred wave, such is the fickle nature of chaos I guess.  Dropped on with no mishaps, played it safe in areas as the table was small.  Long story short, the forces of Nurgle did not 1 wound that stuck on the hated wolves, while the wolves were able to kill, Ku'Gath both DPs, and multitudes of PBs. 

Highlights included rolling for gaze with both DPs in a turn and rolling a total of 6 1s for those keeping up at home that means every to hit roll was a 1.  I still love the force and it is now a massive 3000 point horde of painted glory.  However, it might be time to turn to power armored servants of Nurgle in order to actually be able to deal with mechanized.  The addition of sweet melta and plasma death as well as powerfists and rhinos for speed seem to be nice.  Of course I do not intend to hang up the daemons, they have been very fun to paint and I will continue to try and work them on the field.  


Mono Nurgle Above and beyond my goals

Well I have not been updating as I intended but I have been working on the force and have the pics to prove it.  I have actually surpassed my intial goal by quite a bit.  A lot of this is due to the fact that I painted Scabiethrax, the Daemon Lord from Forge World as he weighs in at a pricey 777 points.  I also got 7 bases of Nurglings done and painted another 7 Plaguebearers for a total of 49 of the pox ridden nasties.

Here are the pics.  More to come and maybe even some more of the Deathguard, though I will not promise as I have also recently gotten the Forgeworld Khorne Lord, the FW Khorne Daemon Prince and the Nurgle Daemon Prince and Herald.  Hard to focus sometimes.  I also hear Tzeentch calling to me ever so faintly to come back to the Thousand Sons I so rudely abandoned for Nurgle.

I will do my best to get a decent group shot of the Nurgle elements posted up.  Thanks for looking


Opening up the Options

Still working on the Mono Nurgle force.  Actually got a couple of games in with them at the 1000 and 1850 point levels and they are a fun force.  Lacking in the Anti tank department for sure but they look solid on the table and perform well in my opinion.

To rectify the AT issues I have also branched out into a Deathguard force.  Marines offer more options for dealing with armor, namely melta guns, Oblits, Preds, powerfist champs etc.

I have painted my first squad of Plague marines and a rhino to ride them around the field.  Squad Putris, armed with Dual Meltas, Champ with Powerfist, and icon of Nurgle.

1850 Mono Nurgle Demon Force by August

Well i have determined that I like the look of the Nurgle Demon force.  I have also traded away my orks and Sisters of battle for Mono Nurgle Demons and a Large Deathguard force.  That being the case I figure it is tiem to get an army painted.  I like fully painted armies and it seems there will be an 1850 tournament at TBS in August.  Well that is not a long time but I have vowed to paint 1850 points of Nurgle Demons by then and go fully painted.  I actually started about 10 days ago and I have to say that I am making decent progress.  So far i have paitned based and sealed the following
Great Unclean One
28 PlagueBearers of urgle
I also have the other 14 PlagueBearers and Epidemus assembled and primed ready to get painted as well.  That leaves me with 3 demon Princes to assemble and paitn and I am ready to go fully paitned.  Once these are finished I will start to work on the Nurgle Chaos Space Marine force.  Led by Typhus and not fully Deathguard but still full of Plague marines.

Here are some pics.

Slow progress but I guess slow is better than none at all

Well I am still planning on going to the gamestore in a couple of weeks and taking my sisters of battle for a spin.  I think that I have changed some of my options a bit though and might go with some Grey Knight Terminators led by a brother captain alongside my faithful nuns with guns.  This is for a couple of reasons.  Reason 1 GKT look friggin sweet and I love the idea of them being ST 6 great armor save and having the ability to Deepstrike in a tear crap up.  Reason 2 I have 12 of them and since my son has expressed some interest in them I figure I might as well keep them around til he figures out if he wants them or not. The boy changes his idea on armies more than I do and that is saying something. 

Anyway I will more than likely not add the GKTs to the mix until I hit the 1500 point level so not a lot of changes to the 1000 list.  I have primed the second 10 woman squad and plan on assembling the Rhinos for both squads as well as the Seraphim this weekend.  I might also try and paint some on the squad i have 2 ladies painted in already but we shall see.  Cheer tryouts this weekend and general laziness combined with my desire to pressure wash the house might get in the way but we shall see.


Starting over is the hardest part

A long time ago there was a guy that loved to play 40K.  He played multiple armies and he got most of them fully painted.  Then he moved into another game system and got loads of stuf painted for that as well.  He liked the hobby aspect almost as much as he liked the gaming part and this led to a huge amount of plastic and metal being fully painted(though not to some crazy standard).

Well that guy was me and through the use of this LJ I was able to paint the last seveal forces that I took to the table.  I am now determined to get back on track with 40K.  After a long time I have chosen a force, amassed loads of minis and now I am ready to put glue to pewter and paint to mini. 

The force will be Sisters of Battle, I say this and not Witchhunters because they will be a pure SOB force.  I will only be taking Sisters in power armor with a splash of tanks to make the force mechanized.  This is quite a change for me as the armies I have played in the past have been all about charge forward and smash through close combat ability or numbers or both.  This force will also rush forward but to hop out and lay down some of the Holy Trinity love rather than fist to face beat down.  I want to make this a force that is built in stages and so I will be going in at the 750 level to start.  Once this is painted and i have some games under my belt I will expand to 1000 points.  As I said I will be going in at 750 with an emphasis on Mechanized and this will continue as I build.  I have most of the force already but will only assemble what I am working on and perhaps 150 or so if I can get a larger battle.  Should allow me to build and learn the army at the same time.

The starter force for the 750 level keeps to the Mech idea and allows me to cover most of my bases. 

Cannoness with Blessed Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Jump Pack, Mantle of Ophelia, Cloak
she is ready to deal with most things in this load out, packs on some nice faith Points and will run along side the Seraphim.  This is a pretty standard load out and she will be in most lists regardless of the levels.  This is of course subject to play experience and could change.

Troops will come in the form of
9 Sisters of Battle 7 with Bolters 2 with Special weapons (right now I have flamer and Heavy flamer and dual Melta guns though they are subject to change as needs arise
VSS with Bolter and BoSL
Rhino Armor and Smoke

10 Sisters same as Above

Fast Attack will be
7 Seraphim 5 with Bolt Pistols 2 with Hand Flamers
VSS with eviscerator and BoSL

Should be what I need until I can build to 1000.  So far I ahve the Cannoness and the 2 SOB squads built just need to build the rhinos and the Seraphim and get them painted.  Goal is to have this done within 1 month.  We shall see.